Get Smart (2008 – DVD)

“How about Chuck Norris with a BB gun?”

The promise of a sequel to the legendarily funny ‘Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy’ had me searching around for a hit of the same surreal goofery.  I plumed for 2008’s ‘Get Smart’, a spy spoof based on Mel Brook’s 1960s TV comedy of the same name.  It stars Steve Carell (From ‘Anchorman’) as frustrated desk-bound Intelligence-Analyst Max Smart who gets a chance to fulfill his dream of becoming a field agent accompanied by the beautiful and deadly Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway).

As with most modern Hollywood remakes of fondly remembered cult TV shows, sadly ‘Get Smart’ is louder, more action orientated and brasher than a light spoof of this kind really should be.  The fact that the Smart character is a genuinely intelligent, witty, deadly and often suave secret agent, yet somehow keeps on making Clouseau-esque mistakes is a bit of an odd mix (Director Peter Segal obviously isn’t over familiar with the “Cake and eat it” phrase).  Indeed the choreographed fight scenes are visceral enough to fit into any hard edged action flick. The creative team should have devoted more screen time to the gags which are actually very funny fueled by Carell and Hathaway’s cracking chemistry and comedy timing.  ‘Get Smart ‘ is a fun couple of hours, I just wish it had been more fun!

Here’s the first episode of the original TV series:

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