Days Of Thunder (1990 – Blu-Ray)

“I had sponsors in from all over the coast and I’m hugging, and holding hands, and praying for a good showin’. And what do we do? We end up looking like a monkey fucking a football out there!”

Renting a copy of the Tom Cruise vehicle ‘Days Of Thunder’ was a nostalgic treat, taking me back to my early teens playing 1994’s NASCAR on the PC with my friends and quoting lines from the film back at each other like “Rubbin’ ‘s racin’ son!” and “I’m droppin’ the hammer harry!”Tony Scott’s film took some flack back in the day when people dismissed it as merely “Top Gun with cars”, missing the point that the best bit about the film is that it’s like “TOP GUN WITH CARS!!!”.  Scott’s heat haze drenched shots of the gleaming bodywork of the Stockcars is almost like motor-porn and there are even a number of scenes where Robert Duvall’s character is actually lovingly whispering to his car alone in the garage before a race.  The way Scott has the camera seemingly inches away from the bumpers of the speeding vehicles is breathtaking, creating some of the best car footage outside of 1979’s ‘Mad Max’.

On the down side, the plot feels like some after-thought put in there to fill time until the next thrilling race, Nicole Kidman is laughable as a Cruise’s neurosurgeon/love-interest, and the great Cary Elwes is wasted as a cardboard cutout badguy.  However the bro-mance between driver Cole Trickle (Cruise) and race engineer Harry Hogge (Duvall) is wonderfully written and beautifully acted.  Hans Zimmer’s pulsating synthesiser score is also a definite highlight.  The picture quality of this transfer is great with a very sharp scan but none of the pops and dirt have been digitally removed (Which I actually don’t mind one bit).  If you want some turbo charged fun you can’t go wrong with ‘Days Of Thunder’.

This game still looks pretty good twenty years later:


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