Lady & The Tramp (1955 – Blu-Ray)

“A human heart has only so much room for love and affection. When a baby moves in, the dog moves out”

Yay, another Walt Disney Blu-Ray to watch with the usual peerless perfection they bring to the format.  1955’s ‘Lady & The Tramp’ looks totally stunning and probably didn’t actually look this good back in the day, with every handcrafted detail of the animation up there in glorious detail, even the microscopic feint shadows between animation transparencies are occasional visible.  The plot follows ‘Lady’, a dog belonging to a well-to-do couple as she finds herself neglected when a baby arrives, resulting in her meeting carefree homeless dog ‘The Tramp’.

Like the African-American black crows from 1941’s ‘Dumbo’ this film is populated with dog characters based on mostly fairly harmless racial stereotypes.  Like a Scottish Highland Terrier, a Mexican Chihuahua and a cockney Bulldog all helping the central couple. However the song sequence featuring two evil Siamese cats with buck teeth and slanted eyes singing “We are Siameeeese, if you pleeeease” is jaw droppingly misjudged viewed half a century later.  This scene aside the movie is a charming romantic story with the silent sequences giving the animators full reign to tell the story through their artistry alone.  So much so, that it feels slightly disappointing that dialogue was used at all, since I’m sure the team behind this were clever enough to work without it.


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