Genevieve (1953 – DVD)

“This is the end! Making a public spectacle of yourselves. I couldn’t have believed you could have behaved like this, either of you. Just hauling like brooligans!”

My lovely ‘Rank Films’ box set has still got a few treats in store. One ‘BFI Top 100’ approved treat is 1953’s ‘Genevieve’, a comedy centred around the titular vintage-car and it’s passengers as they drive the London-to-Brighton run.  The question at the heart of the movie is does vintage-car nut Alan (John Gregson) love ‘Genevieve’ or his long-suffering wife Wendy (Dinah Sheridan) more.

Being an English film from 1953, I was expecting the central marriage to feature scenes of the couple reading books in separate twin beds. But instead we get Wendy sprawling drunk on the couples (Very definitely ‘Double’) bed begging Alan to make love to her. Back in the day this must have been considered as racy as the vintage cars themselves. The wager in the second half reminded me of Top Gear’s infamous prank contests but in the film it’s between two lovabley immature and eccentric gents instead of those three smug tits.  Excellent support is provided by Kenneth More as Alan’s friend/rival and Rosalind Peters as the poor lady he drags along.  The vibrant Technicolor splendour of the film is only slightly dimmed by this DVD transfer. But I’ll be treating myself to a Blu-Ray upgrade if they ever release it in the UK.


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