Don’t Look Now (1973 – Blu-Ray)

“The one who’s blind… she’s the one that can see”

I was tempted to buy Nicholas Roeg’s ‘Don’t Look Now’ at Christmas but I’m glad I didn’t. No doubt this Blu-Ray is a massive improvement on previous presentations but digital noise and excessive amounts of sharpening and smoothing have ruined what appears to be a beautiful HD scan underneath. So it was a good decision to just rent via LoveFilm.

The movie takes place amongst the decaying splendour of Venice where husband and wife Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie go to escape the recent death of their daughter. Roeg shoots the film in a quivering handheld style, juxtaposing eerie repetitive motifs of water, broken glass and the ever-present dangerous colour red. The plot concerns supernatural premonitions so Roeg also cleverly uses editing to blur time so you’re never wholly sure if what you are seeing is in the present, the past or a possible future. Due to this time structure I’m sure I will appreciate it even more on a second viewing.


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