OSS 117: Lost In Rio (2009 – DVD)

“Some people have adventures… I am an adventure!”

With Jean Dujardin crowned as 2011’s Best-Actor and Michel Hazanavicius hailed as 2011’s Best-Director at both the BAFTAs and the Oscars, I thought it was time to view the second of their Spy spoof films, 2009’s ‘OSS 117: Lost In Rio’. This time the action shifts from Cairo in 1955 to Rio in 1967.  We find charming yet brainless Secret-Agent OSS 117 is once again taking his cover story (This time as a photographer) too seriously and consequently missing all the intrigue around him (Check the end credits to see his terrible photographs).  For my tastes the humour seems a little broader than the first film but this was made up for with a string of Hitchcock film references.  The best gags are still based around OSS 117’s ridiculously Nationalist, Colonialist and Sexist outlook. Dujardin’s leading lady is Louise Monot who gets plenty of laughs as a Mossad Agent who is given the bewildering task of working with OSS 117.

I’ll be revisiting both OSS 117 films until I can get my hands on ‘The Artist’ on Blu-Ray but, luckily there’s also still a few older Hazanavicius films to catch up on before next year’s ‘The Search’ remake hits our screens.


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