Enchanted (2007 – Blu-Ray)

“The steel beast is dead, peasants… I’ve set you all free!”

The idea of a Disney movie about a Princess who is thrown down a well by an evil enchantress ending up in New York sounds bloody awful. But 2007’s ‘Enchanted’ is actually utter genius and had me laughing so hard that I was exhausted by the end of it.

The main reason it works is down to Amy Adams outstanding performance as Princess Giselle. Adams clearly spent ages pouring over classic Disney movies to get the glowing smile, the floaty-balletic movements and the wavy hands just right. The film starts as a cynical parody of the Disney smaltz but ends up as a wonderful celebration of the studios love-conquers-all outlook. It probably switches at about the moment Giselle induces the whole of Central Park to follow her in a glorious song and dance number. The music of the film is by Alan Menken the Composer behind most of Disney’s most famous scores. I’m still humming the main theme ‘True Loves Kiss’ as I type.

In my favourite scene is Giselle calls out of a window and a host of critters arrive to help her clean up in traditional Disney style. The gag being that, since this is New York, some of the critters are actually rats and cockroaches. The technical achievement on display in this blend of real trained animal footage and CGI is staggering. On that note, the Pop-up-book style end credits are worth the watch alone. The Blu-Ray extras include making of featurettes and a fiendishly difficult “Can you spot the Disney references?” quiz (There are literally thousands of them).


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