Nuovo Cinema Paradiso (1988 – DVD)

Whatever you end up doing, love it… the way you loved the projection booth when you were a little squirt”

Somehow I just managed to pick up ‘Nuovo Cinema Paradiso’ in a super-deluxe four-disc boxset featuring two cuts of the film, an extras stuffed bonus disc and even the soundtrack… for £4!  I elected to view the 174 Minute director’s cut of Giuseppe Tornatore’s 1988 film. It’s a movie about growing up, growing old, love, death, community and of course the joy of cinema itself.  The movie feels down-to-earth and honest but also filled with magical moments like only celluloid can capture.  It reminded me most of Sergio Leone’s ‘Once Upon A Time In America’, although this is a much warmer film, it does share a similar flashback time structure. Like that film, the score is by the master Ennio Morricone and is of course exquisite and heartbreakingly emotional.  Finally I can see what all the fuss has been about, I want to go straight back and spend another 3 hours in the company of this beautiful movie.


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