OSS 117: Cairo, Nest Of Spies (2006 – DVD)

My sole purpose here is increase my chicken sales”

I couldn’t resist picking up DVDs of Michel Hazanavicius’ last two films, the hit French OSS 117 comedies.  The first is 2006’s ‘OSS 117: Cairo, Nest Of Spies’ featuring Jean Dujardin as incompetent yet charming Spy OSS 117.  The movie pokes fun at the spy Genre and satires patronising and ill-informed colonialist views of both the past and unfortunately the present too.

It doesn’t have the emotional power of ‘The Artist’ (It’s a straight comedy) but it has just as many spot on jokes.  The best moments had me howling with laughter, in particular a clever one involving a clichéd camera move and a vase of roses.  The movie is also full of running gags involving squawking chickens and mysterious Veal stews.  But the best running gag is that we the audience can work out the plot in the first 5 minutes but OSS 117 is clueless at every turn.  Like ‘The Artist’, ‘Nest Of Spies’ also co-stars the jaw-droppingly gorgeous Bérénice Bejo playing the straight-woman/love-interest foil to Jean Dujardin’s inept secret-agent.  The disaproving and bewildered looks she gives OSS 117 every time he says something idiotic, are some of the funniest bits.  I’m hoping the sequel ‘OSS 117: Lost In Rio’ is just as good.


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