The Room (2003 – Cinema)

“You don’t understand anything, man… leave your stupid comments in your pocket”

Yesterday I finally got to see Tommy Wiseau’s infamous 2003 film ‘The Room’ at the Prince Charles Cinema as part of their The Room Week.  Unfortunately I was a few minutes late to see Tommy himself doing a live Q&A (Although On the way out after, one punter was saying “What kind of Q&A was that?!?! he didn’t even say anything!!”).  The room has been promoted with the line “If The Room is the Citizen Kane of bad movies, that makes Tommy Wiseau the Orson Welles of crap”.  This wonderfully describes how eye-gougingly awful the film is and also the admiration one feels that one man could create a movie that stands head and shoulders below everything else mankind has yet created (Of course I haven’t seen Madonna’s new film ‘W.E.’ yet!).

Tommy Wiseau directed, wrote and starred in the film despite the now obvious fact that he can’t direct, can’t write and his acting is isn’t just bad it’s like his face is trying to channel some hitherto unknown emotions he’s learned from some visiting aliens.  What also impacts on his lead performance is that his face and body is that of a disfigured 1930s Universal Studios monster.  In fact the multiple shots of Tommy’s cadaverous naked buttocks pulsating in front of the camera during the many ill-judged sex scenes are still giving me Vietnam style flashbacks (To quote the Colonel… “The horror, the horror”).  At one point the lead actresses very neck muscles are comically popping out and misbehaving, perhaps in an attempt to get away from this film.

Clearly I’m way behind some of the people who have already been indoctrinated into the cult.  Some audience members knew all the lines and shouted them out, held lighters in the air during a love scene, threw spoons into the air (When a picture of a spoon was shown!) and were even having loud imagined conversations with the characters on the screen.  It was one of those boisterous and hilarious screenings that the PCC is uniquely famous for.  Go see The Room at least once but I guarantee you’ll want to see it again!

Here are the best bits:


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