Young Adult (2012 – Cinema)

“Let’s show him what he’s been missing… No, he’s seen me recently, he knows. But his wife hasn’t seen me in a while”

‘Young Adult’ a deliciously acidic, ashen black comedy from ‘Juno’ writer Diablo Cody. Charlize Theron plays Mavis Gary, a ghost-writer of books for teenagers who decides to return to the small town she grew up in to win back her highschool sweetheart. You may be thinking you’ve seen that movie before (Possibly starring Jennifer Anniston and/or Mathew McConaughey) but the dark twist is that Mavis is a few pages short of a novel (Literary and mentally!) and her highschool sweetheart is actually happily married with a new baby.

The success of the whole movie rests on Theron’s complex central performance but she has great support from Patton Oswalt as Mavis’ unlikely new friend Matt.  Theron manages to make Mavis scary but sadly fragile, full of hidden dark depths when she is outwardly shallow, likeable when she should be unlikable.  It’s a film that had me roaring with laughter with the awful things Mavis says and does, but the end left me with an aftertaste of melancholy.  Powerfully affecting, thoughtful films aren’t usually this much wicked fun!


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